How To Talk To Men – Observation

Portrait of young womanWhen animals look at both their surroundings and at human beings, they have a clear idea of what’s in front of them. They see, feel and smell the emotions of living beings, so they know how to react. They just observe – they don’t judge. Few people have this kind of freedom, the kind that enables them to look at other people without having an opinion.

We mostly wear metaphorical glasses that are not our own. This is especially true when it comes to the vague, distorted stories women both tell and hear about men. Our hurt feelings lead us to develop biased opinions that make us shortsighted and critical. We never really get connected and therefore never get to know the other person’s brilliance, all because we refuse to remove our distorted glasses.

The glasses we need are not glasses you can buy in a shop. Fortunately, there are some tools we can use to improve and adjust our vision. Just as animals have the ability to be quiet and highly aware at the same time, we too can look at other people as they really are. It only takes a few simple steps to lay aside our egos. This new way of seeing does more than just make our surroundings and relationships more vivid. It makes it possible for us to meet the men we really want to attract into our lives.

In my ‘How To Talk To Men’ course, we practice the tools for observing people clearly and saying what we see without judgement. These tools are easy to learn, but they require the willingness to see things as they really are. This type of vision is not a superficial form of observation but more like learning to examine the field that surrounds our human bodies.
So join us for the next ‘How To Talk To Men’ class, where you can meet and connect with other women and enjoy new insights about life and men.

Looking forward to meeting you!

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