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How to deal with positive and negative thoughts


The glass is half full or half empty. You determine your life quality by planting seeds and words into your life and they become action. But is it really easy to be always positive, as in our daily life we cannot forecast and control us and others? Probably we would like to control the whole game, but we have big difficulties even to control our own thoughts.

We are able to be aware of our thoughts, the more we know about the capacity of our brain. Mostly, when we are hanging in the past or near future, but not in the present, or we have desires which are not fulfilled, we start to get unhappy.

Short example: Think just about a person from the past to whom you have a difficult relationship. Immediately the thought about a specific situation brings you down. Now you are feeling bad. You wasted your time in the past, but you even waste your time right now.

Do you really need to think about it?  You cannot change past situations, you can change the situation now.

Helpful steps to focus on positive thoughts:

One question is really important to find out:

What do you really want?

  1. Write down what you don´t want in your life right now
  2. Write down what you want in your life and how it should look like
  3. Do something immediately or within the next 72 hours, which brings you in your new direction.

It is always good to focus on the positive thing. You read it probably ofen enough. Helpful is with every step you are doing:

Why I am doing this and what is it good for?  

Why is it necessary to start with something you want to achieve within 72 hours?

Because if you don´t do any step further to the direction in the next 72 hours, it might be a great chance that you never go there.

It sounds easy to work against negative thoughts. It might be hard.

Be always tender to yourself. There is no need to punish yourself because you did not accomplish specific things or you have the feeling you might not be good enough. People who tell us these ideas mostly have heard themselves negative affirmations.

These negative thoughts are just not true.
Everything is possible.
You are your master of your own universe.

We have to understand how thoughts work. Thoughts are like seeds we plant into our lives.

„Our life is what our thoughts make it”, knew the Roman Emperor Marc Aurel.

But also the Talmud knows to tell:
Take care of your thoughts,
Because they become words.

Take care about your words,
Because they become actions.

Take care about your actions,
Because they become habits.

Take care about your habits,
because they become your character.

Take care about your character,
because it becomes your fortune.

Have a positive day,

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Playfulness is innocent. It gives us a chance to really taste life. Children and animals play naturally. Playing is in the rhythm of our bodies and in our DNA.

Most adults have forgotten how to play. As soon as they start to play, they’re already thinking about the outcome of the game. Instead of playing, they fight, or they live in their ideas and memories.

But it’s possible to turn a fight into a game – or to create a new game. The important thing to remember is that only when you’re happy can you make other people happy.

So how should we play? A lot of women might prefer dancing, while many men prefer sports. But we have the option to create games that bring men and women together.
So let’s schedule them. What kind of games do you like?

Come and discover your playfulness!

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How To Talk To Men – Observation

Portrait of young womanWhen animals look at both their surroundings and at human beings, they have a clear idea of what’s in front of them. They see, feel and smell the emotions of living beings, so they know how to react. They just observe – they don’t judge. Few people have this kind of freedom, the kind that enables them to look at other people without having an opinion.

We mostly wear metaphorical glasses that are not our own. This is especially true when it comes to the vague, distorted stories women both tell and hear about men. Our hurt feelings lead us to develop biased opinions that make us shortsighted and critical. We never really get connected and therefore never get to know the other person’s brilliance, all because we refuse to remove our distorted glasses.

The glasses we need are not glasses you can buy in a shop. Fortunately, there are some tools we can use to improve and adjust our vision. Just as animals have the ability to be quiet and highly aware at the same time, we too can look at other people as they really are. It only takes a few simple steps to lay aside our egos. This new way of seeing does more than just make our surroundings and relationships more vivid. It makes it possible for us to meet the men we really want to attract into our lives.

In my ‘How To Talk To Men’ course, we practice the tools for observing people clearly and saying what we see without judgement. These tools are easy to learn, but they require the willingness to see things as they really are. This type of vision is not a superficial form of observation but more like learning to examine the field that surrounds our human bodies.
So join us for the next ‘How To Talk To Men’ class, where you can meet and connect with other women and enjoy new insights about life and men.

Looking forward to meeting you!

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How To Talk To Men Advanced – Yielding


What is Yielding? Yielding is dancing. It is giving the other person their way by giving in. Normally we have a picture in our mind, how our life or relationship should be. Often our mind is driven by the ego and driven by a false desire. The mind always wants to be right and then we start to fight.

How To Talk To Men Advanced – When we yield we experience mastery

This power is not coming from our head. Its coming from our belly, where our true desire makes its own decision. Yielding means not giving up. By yielding we expand our power in a serene way. We let go the other person, and the energy is coming back to us.
It´s like practising Tai Chi: we step back, and the energy is following us.

How To Talk To Men Advanced – Yielding

Do you want to fight and be right or do you want to be happy and rich?

Join us for practising Yielding.

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Acknowledging Love


Have you ever been in love? So you know this sweet feeling which brings you to heaven. Once as a baby you knew that you love fully and you were fully loveable. There is no right or wrong. Life seems happy and we are in a flow of giving and receiving.

But you also might know the feeling of a broken heart or when things don´t turn out like you wish. A broken heart is a broken life. Sadness is coming up and we would like to deny what we appreciated in earlier times so much.

We have to acknowledge our pain. Behind there is love. Sometimes pain is the salt in the soup to bring up locked energy. Acknowledgement means loving ourselves first. What do you want? Acknowledge your dreams.

By this powerful tool Acknowledgement we relieve our pain and we are able to see what we achieve and want but also what men effort in our life for us. Acknowledgement gives us serenity.

Practice this powerful tool acknowledgement every day by looking in the mirror and telling you 3 things you are proud of and you achieved! You also can tell yourself that you are stunningly looking good today.
Not only dogs and animals, but also your surrounding will be happy for an acknowledgement.

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Impressions from Andros Island


Εικόνες της Άνδρου

Πω, τι όμορφη μέρα!
Τι λαμπός ήλιος
Τι μαγευτικό τραγούδι
του ρυακιού και των πουλιών
Ο άνεμος που χαϊδεύει
τα φύλλα μου
Πω, τι όμορφη μέρα!

Impressions from Andros

What a beautiful day!
What sparkling sun
What enchanting melody
of the brooklet and the birds
The wind fonding my leaves
What a beautiful day!

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my blog on Huffington Post

What an exciting week!!! 

Arianna Huffington personally made it possible for me to be an official blogger for Huffington Post. I have the credit from April 2014 on to blog about my coaching work and every tool which increases the daily energy to a high positive level.

Thank you so much, Arianna!!


Here is my first article in which I talk about the book of Arianna Huffington and what means it for me to create a Third Metric.

Redefining Success – How to Create a Happy and Successful Life

Arianna Huffington’s book Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success and Creating a Life of Well-Being, Wisdom, and Wonder spoke to my heart. I also believe it’s time we took greater care to observe the many wonders in our daily lives that we too often take for granted.

First of all, it’s very important to know what we love to do. Everybody has a special talent, and I believe this talent, which I also call energy, is there for a purpose…read more on Huffington Post.

Here you can choose of my complete blog on Huffington Post.

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