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Are you in your heart? Just when a relationship comes to an end, it makes room for a new one. A new relationship with yourself, the people who will accompany you in the future, a new relationship with your true calling is coming. You can discover your potential and your desires.

It’s best to experience this with like-minded people and the heart sings, when you live at the right place. Alone you make small steps, with people you like and are able to create projects, big steps. My first mentor often said, “If you want to work hard for little money, you just have to work alone”. Weiterlesen guy drills sex appeal girl. sweet dream achieving sex party full of joy and passion.

Painting for the Soul


It´s good to take time for your own.

It can be painting, sewing, gardening or doing sport or doing nothing. But creativity gives us the opportunity to show our soul and acting like a child.

Just diving in small color piles I prepared before I closed my eyes, I let surprise myself what will come out on the paper.

Or I love to paint from memory, from what beautiful pictures I´ve seen and want to keep on my wall.

This is one result. What do you see in it?

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my blog on Huffington Post

What an exciting week!!! 

Arianna Huffington personally made it possible for me to be an official blogger for Huffington Post. I have the credit from April 2014 on to blog about my coaching work and every tool which increases the daily energy to a high positive level.

Thank you so much, Arianna!!


Here is my first article in which I talk about the book of Arianna Huffington and what means it for me to create a Third Metric.

Redefining Success – How to Create a Happy and Successful Life

Arianna Huffington’s book Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success and Creating a Life of Well-Being, Wisdom, and Wonder spoke to my heart. I also believe it’s time we took greater care to observe the many wonders in our daily lives that we too often take for granted.

First of all, it’s very important to know what we love to do. Everybody has a special talent, and I believe this talent, which I also call energy, is there for a purpose…read more on Huffington Post.

Here you can choose of my complete blog on Huffington Post.

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