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If we women really work together, we can create miracles


Here I want to share a few words which came to my mind after we hosted the first Next Women event at The Cube in Athens, Greece.

First of all I want to thank you all Ladies for coming and giving your attention to this event on March 19th. Nearly 40 women joined with the business ladies on the panel and the guest speakers.

I want to thank especially Maria Calafatis from The Cube for her strong work, great hosting and collaboration.

On the panel have been: Catherine Lambrou from NannukaAthina Polina Dova from OwiwiMagy Kontou from Toursmart, Alexia Kotsi from FunkmartiniMelina Taprantzi from WiseGreece
Guest speakers have been: Anastasia Kapsali, Exis Project Health / Beauty, Phoebe Prosalika, Taxibeat, Thelma Kalentzoti, Shoutcube, Stephanie Cisowski, Athens Investment Summit Event Manager at Navigator Consulting Group, Natassa Patrikiou from Charisma Gift


What did we talk about?

Our topics have been all kind of business issues, whether you are a startup or a solopreneur. Most questions concerned how to start a business and how to find the right team player. It is important to share the same values and passion. Weiterlesen guy drills sex appeal girl. sweet dream achieving sex party full of joy and passion.

{:de}My new blog on Huffington Post: The most important relationship in life is…{:}{:en}My new blog on Huffington Post: The most important relationship in life is…{:}


Are you in your heart? Just when a relationship comes to an end, it makes room for a new one. A new relationship with yourself, the people who will accompany you in the future, a new relationship with your true calling is coming. You can discover your potential and your desires.

It’s best to experience this with like-minded people and the heart sings, when you live at the right place. Alone you make small steps, with people you like and are able to create projects, big steps. My first mentor often said, „If you want to work hard for little money, you just have to work alone“. Weiterlesen

{:en}My new blog on Huffington Post UK: Fatal Perfectionism or From Fear to Love{:}{:de}My new blog on Huffington Post UK: Fatal Perfectionism or From Fear to Love{:}


Are you familiar with that feeling? You start a new project, you would like to move to a different place, make an important phone call – and then suddenly it happens: the fear paralyzes you. You don´t reach out to the receiver, you stay there to live where you are – in other words – you give up?

Anna Roth_From Fear to Love

The fundamental motivation behind this is changing, and this creates in some people fear rather than joy for the upcoming adventure. No wonder, we humans have had negative experiences with shifts or adventures. So we prefer to stay in the situation, which we already know, rather than to go along with the unknown. Weiterlesen

{:en}6 reasons why you’re not emigrated yet and how you recognize the blockades behind{:}{:de}6 Gründe warum Du noch nicht ausgewandert bist und wie Du die Blockaden dahinter erkennst{:}


Are you playing around for some time with the idea of ​​emigrating?

You have the urge to move away from where you live right now, and you want to start a new life, a life of wealth, fulfillment and sensuality.

But something prevents you from following your path. Those are your thought blockades or your emotional connections (irritations). For example you telling yourself that you have not enough money, the favorite place where you want to live is much too far away from where you live right now, and this is not the right time…


Thereby your soul knows exactly what is good for you. In enlightened moments you hear the true calling. In moments, which are dominated by rationality and fear, you lock yourself against hearing this voice of wisdom. But your heart always talks to you when you see the sea and the sun or hear the name of your favorite place. Then you recognize the voice of your soul. Weiterlesen

Acknowledging Love


Have you ever been in love? So you know this sweet feeling which brings you to heaven. Once as a baby you knew that you love fully and you were fully loveable. There is no right or wrong. Life seems happy and we are in a flow of giving and receiving.

But you also might know the feeling of a broken heart or when things don´t turn out like you wish. A broken heart is a broken life. Sadness is coming up and we would like to deny what we appreciated in earlier times so much.

We have to acknowledge our pain. Behind there is love. Sometimes pain is the salt in the soup to bring up locked energy. Acknowledgement means loving ourselves first. What do you want? Acknowledge your dreams.

By this powerful tool Acknowledgement we relieve our pain and we are able to see what we achieve and want but also what men effort in our life for us. Acknowledgement gives us serenity.

Practice this powerful tool acknowledgement every day by looking in the mirror and telling you 3 things you are proud of and you achieved! You also can tell yourself that you are stunningly looking good today.
Not only dogs and animals, but also your surrounding will be happy for an acknowledgement.

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