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Seven Signs Which Indicate That It’s Time to Emigrate

Do you have this feeling that you are no longer motivated to participate in activities in your surrounding? Maybe your business also does not proceed. This could be because you’re not at your right living place.

If you really want your business to evolve, then it is helpful to be at your favourite soul place.

When you realize that it’s time to migrate
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{:de}Finde Deinen Lebensort! – Deine Checkliste{:}{:en}Find your living place! – Your Checklist{:}


Es geht nicht nur um 2016, sondern darum, ob wir uns an unserem Lebensort wohlfühlen, ob er uns das gibt, was wir brauchen. 


Anhand dieser Checkliste kannst Du Deine Situation nochmals überprüfen: Weiterlesen

{:en}My new blog on Huffington Post UK: Fatal Perfectionism or From Fear to Love{:}{:de}My new blog on Huffington Post UK: Fatal Perfectionism or From Fear to Love{:}


Are you familiar with that feeling? You start a new project, you would like to move to a different place, make an important phone call – and then suddenly it happens: the fear paralyzes you. You don´t reach out to the receiver, you stay there to live where you are – in other words – you give up?

Anna Roth_From Fear to Love

The fundamental motivation behind this is changing, and this creates in some people fear rather than joy for the upcoming adventure. No wonder, we humans have had negative experiences with shifts or adventures. So we prefer to stay in the situation, which we already know, rather than to go along with the unknown. Weiterlesen

{:en}6 reasons why you’re not emigrated yet and how you recognize the blockades behind{:}{:de}6 Gründe warum Du noch nicht ausgewandert bist und wie Du die Blockaden dahinter erkennst{:}


Are you playing around for some time with the idea of ​​emigrating?

You have the urge to move away from where you live right now, and you want to start a new life, a life of wealth, fulfillment and sensuality.

But something prevents you from following your path. Those are your thought blockades or your emotional connections (irritations). For example you telling yourself that you have not enough money, the favorite place where you want to live is much too far away from where you live right now, and this is not the right time…


Thereby your soul knows exactly what is good for you. In enlightened moments you hear the true calling. In moments, which are dominated by rationality and fear, you lock yourself against hearing this voice of wisdom. But your heart always talks to you when you see the sea and the sun or hear the name of your favorite place. Then you recognize the voice of your soul. Weiterlesen