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If we women really work together, we can create miracles


Here I want to share a few words which came to my mind after we hosted the first Next Women event at The Cube in Athens, Greece.

First of all I want to thank you all Ladies for coming and giving your attention to this event on March 19th. Nearly 40 women joined with the business ladies on the panel and the guest speakers.

I want to thank especially Maria Calafatis from The Cube for her strong work, great hosting and collaboration.

On the panel have been: Catherine Lambrou from NannukaAthina Polina Dova from OwiwiMagy Kontou from Toursmart, Alexia Kotsi from FunkmartiniMelina Taprantzi from WiseGreece
Guest speakers have been: Anastasia Kapsali, Exis Project Health / Beauty, Phoebe Prosalika, Taxibeat, Thelma Kalentzoti, Shoutcube, Stephanie Cisowski, Athens Investment Summit Event Manager at Navigator Consulting Group, Natassa Patrikiou from Charisma Gift


What did we talk about?

Our topics have been all kind of business issues, whether you are a startup or a solopreneur. Most questions concerned how to start a business and how to find the right team player. It is important to share the same values and passion. Weiterlesen guy drills sex appeal girl. sweet dream achieving sex party full of joy and passion.

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Coaching – does it really matter?

“The thoughts we choose to think are the tools we use to paint the canvas of our lives.” Louise L. Hay, from „The Power is within you“

What is coaching? The word „to coach“ means to supervise or to train for the development and implementation of personal and professional goals.
Originally, the term comes from sport. There, a coach supervises the team psychologically and physically so the team achieves success. Weiterlesen