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How to deal with positive and negative thoughts


The glass is half full or half empty. You determine your life quality by planting seeds and words into your life and they become action. But is it really easy to be always positive, as in our daily life we cannot forecast and control us and others? Probably we would like to control the whole game, but we have big difficulties even to control our own thoughts.

We are able to be aware of our thoughts, the more we know about the capacity of our brain. Mostly, when we are hanging in the past or near future, but not in the present, or we have desires which are not fulfilled, we start to get unhappy.

Short example: Think just about a person from the past to whom you have a difficult relationship. Immediately the thought about a specific situation brings you down. Now you are feeling bad. You wasted your time in the past, but you even waste your time right now.

Do you really need to think about it?  You cannot change past situations, you can change the situation now.

Helpful steps to focus on positive thoughts:

One question is really important to find out:

What do you really want?

  1. Write down what you don´t want in your life right now
  2. Write down what you want in your life and how it should look like
  3. Do something immediately or within the next 72 hours, which brings you in your new direction.

It is always good to focus on the positive thing. You read it probably ofen enough. Helpful is with every step you are doing:

Why I am doing this and what is it good for?  

Why is it necessary to start with something you want to achieve within 72 hours?

Because if you don´t do any step further to the direction in the next 72 hours, it might be a great chance that you never go there.

It sounds easy to work against negative thoughts. It might be hard.

Be always tender to yourself. There is no need to punish yourself because you did not accomplish specific things or you have the feeling you might not be good enough. People who tell us these ideas mostly have heard themselves negative affirmations.

These negative thoughts are just not true.
Everything is possible.
You are your master of your own universe.

We have to understand how thoughts work. Thoughts are like seeds we plant into our lives.

„Our life is what our thoughts make it“, knew the Roman Emperor Marc Aurel.

But also the Talmud knows to tell:
Take care of your thoughts,
Because they become words.

Take care about your words,
Because they become actions.

Take care about your actions,
Because they become habits.

Take care about your habits,
because they become your character.

Take care about your character,
because it becomes your fortune.

Have a positive day,

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