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In this course we will get some insides about the vague, distorted stories women both tell and hear about men, but also the hurt feelings we carry around and which lead us to develop opinions which make us shortsighted and critical.

In order to see the other person’s brilliance, we need to be able just to observe – not judge. Fortunately, there are some tools we can use to improve and adjust our vision. This new way of seeing does more than just make our surroundings and relationships more vivid. It makes it possible for us to meet the men we really want to attract into our lives and at the same time raise our daily energy.

We will practice some eye-opening observation tools and include role plays.


The course takes place on

Sat May 16th 11am-1pm (or even a bit longer, depends how much women will participate) at the art of living center, Ermou 73, Athens, Greece

Costs are 15 Euros. For women who attended my course several times the price is 10 Euros.

Bring time and curiousness with you and enjoy new insights about life and men and connect with other women 🙂

See you there!




Here you can find my blog on Huffington Post to the topic relationship:


Some references of previous seminars:

I am so glad that I met you. Thank you for your instisting to calling me up to come to How To Talk To Men! I am light after the course and feel really good.

I like the observation tools and the role plays!

The seminar is an eye-opener in certain areas and gives interesting food for thought. I found it refreshingly comforting to let a person like Anna use her knowledge, intelligence and experience to completely take over and guide me and my thought processes in such a dexterous way. A short but affectively seminar, and as we ended it with acknowledgements, I’m going to make one more now: to myself for making such a good decision to go to this seminar given by Anna.
Nora Tulba, esl teacher, Athens


The workshop with Anna was excellent. Anna hosted us in an environment that provided a ‚warm‘ and ’safe‘ feeling, allowing all of us participants to express ourselves naturally and without any fears. As always, Anna coached in a professional, yet relaxed way and we laughed a lot. All of us were able to explore any path that crossed ours and rectify previous consumption, perhaps created by our previous conditioning, or previous situations. The role playing is a superb ‚tool‘ to increase ones confidence (and have fun at the same time). I personally, understood far more than I ever had, about both men and women and the way nature designed us, because of Ann’s course. I would recommend it to every female and would definetely do another one myself if there is ever a further part, as I learn’t so much and……had a really pleasurable day!!. Best wishes Anna, in all your endevours and I forgot to add that you are always so patient and smily.
Sandie Staikou, Athens


As you can see, I want to work to make my life more fulfilling and more balanced–I need it and after Saturday I understood more that I deserve it and to not get bogged down with things ( I forget it so often). Thank you so much for your workshop, I enjoyed it. I went back home and worked quietly the rest of the day and took care of a task that was haunting me but did it in a different way and felt relief afterwards! Then the next day I was able to take a break and finally felt a little more like myself after a sleep under the stars and a swim the next day with my partner (way overdue!) I want to dance with my partner in my relationship in life and I want to gain back and maintain my energy in my belly!! : D
Fotini Bakatsia, Manager of Athens Green Apartments

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